Our main activity is the manufacture, export and marketing of women clothing in countries like France, Japan, Netherlands, UK, and USA. Although STEFITEX started off in 2000 with a minimum capital and a total of 4 employees, the company managed to exquisitelyincrease. Moreover, since 2001 and up to date we have ranked in the top of Iasi micro enterprises for ourfield of activity.

StefiTex footerIn terms ofgroup infrastructure we represent an industrial platform of 900 square meters, 25 employees, with stableand direct contacts with collaborating companies from Moldaviaregion, producing thus around 7000 clothing productsmonthly. In terms of logistics, among thetasks our company undertakes we mention pattern creation, manufacturing collections for our clients, strict control of products quality and taking care of all proceduresconnected to  exports.

Our agenda is filled with many smart projects but the most significantonehas just made its appearance. Namely, building our own brand,Steff Boutique. Our motto is to discover who we are as women and what we actually want in order to be unique, as any man would interpret the difference between getting dressed and being dressed according to the saying: when you have a goddess beside you, you can’t be but a godyourself. Last but not least,ladies cananytime enjoy themselves of personalized clothing, suiting individual outlines,at our headquarters.